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Michael Jordan And AIR JORDAN

    Michael Jordan is one of the world's greatest athletes in recent decades. He called the god of basketball - Air Jordan.“I can accept failure, but can not accept to give up.” As his famous,He has been trying to do things, Can fail, but do not accept to give up.

Nike is the world's most recognized symbol of one in an image representative of all the world, like Michael Jordan on behalf of the whole world is recognized as a superstar. Because of the quality of the pursuit of success, Michael Jordan and Nike has been closely linked.

In 1985, NIKE launched the first "Jordan" sneakers-NIKE AIR JORDAN I , it opened a shoe industry myths. Today, more than 20 years have passed, AIR JORDAN series basketball shoes has become the best basketball shoe line. In the past 20 years, Jordan has experienced two back and three retired,and AIR JORDAN series also has gone through numerous trials and hardships.

3/8/2009 5:42:41 AM
If you are very careful, you can find the pattern on the uppers is the one of the most special places in AIR JORDAN series.
The pattern on the uppers reflect Michael Jordan and AIR JORDAN’s experiences over the past 20 years of ups and downs.
AIR JORDAN XX’s pattern on the uppers is an additional language in history. every uppers are independent of the overall pattern.You can find Jordan in the highest career scoring, Jordan purchased the first car, Jordan's birthday, Jordan has six championship rings and so on are burning inside the uppers.

It revealed that after more than 20 contained in the storm, documented, it is Jordan, as well as AIR JORDAN series set in the past 20 brilliance.
Michael Jordan is a basketball legend,and AIR JORDAN will continue to perfect interpretation of the legendary. Become the Michael Jordan-like figure, is the dream of all Americans.

If you want to know about Jordan's deeds, as long as you have AIR JORDAN series, you can research all the relevant Jordan.
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